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Elevate your liquid level control with our Float Switch Sensors, meticulously engineered for various applications. Our Sewage Float Switch is designed to monitor and manage sewage levels efficiently, preventing overflows... Read More

Temperature Sensor Price: Temperature sensors come in various types, including thermocouples, thermistors, and infrared sensors, influencing their pricing. Factors affecting the price include the sensor's type, accuracy, range, and application suitability.... Read More

Solid State Relay (SSR): Solid State Relay is an electronic switching device that uses semiconductor components to perform the function of a mechanical relay without any moving parts. It is often... Read More

Single Phase Voltmeter, Electrical and AC Electronic Panel Meter

A Single Phase Voltmeter is a vital component in electrical and AC electronic panel meters, providing accurate measurement of voltage in single-phase systems. Designed for precision monitoring, these meters offer... Read More

In the realm of industrial automation, the trio of Indicator Lamp LEDs, Control Units, and Push Button Switches at 30V AC stands as a powerhouse for efficient and safe operations.... Read More

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Emergency Signaling Devices: Emergency signaling devices are essential safety tools designed to convey critical information during urgent situations. These devices, ranging from audible alarms to visual indicators, play a crucial role... Read More

Wastewater Float Switch: A wastewater float switch is a vital component in wastewater treatment systems, designed to monitor liquid levels and prevent overflow. Resilient to harsh and corrosive environments, these switches... Read More

Single Phase Electronic Meter: The Single Phase Electronic Meter is a state-of-the-art device designed for measuring electrical energy consumption in single-phase power systems. Utilizing advanced electronic technology, this meter provides accurate... Read More

Solid State Relay | Change Over Relay | Latching Relay

Solid State Relay (SSR): The Solid State Relay, or SSR, is a modern electronic switching device that uses semiconductor technology to control electrical circuits without mechanical contacts. Known for its reliability... Read More