Top Maruti Suzuki Cars: Power-Packed with Performance to Conquer the Road | Dewar's Garage

Maruti Suzuki is known as one of the leading giants when it comes to the auto-industry market. If you are planning to buy a Maruti Suzuki Car, you can consider buying the following. Known for their excellent performance, suave appearance and more, these cars have been acing the sales chart for consecutive years.
Maruti Suzuki FRONX:
The Maruti Suzuki NEXA FRONX is designed to combine both unbeatable performance and a sporty appearance. Equipped with high-end features, technology, specifications and more, the FRONX is designed for the never-ending demands of the riders and passengers. Match your stride as an SUV rider with the FRONX and capture the road.
Maruti Suzuki Baleno:
The Maruti Suzuki Baleno has been acing the sales chart with its sales rate. Known as one of the most premium hatchbacks Maruti Suzuki designed, the car is popular among car enthusiasts for the perfect blend of top-performance, convenience and stylish appearance. The car is equipped with liquid flow design, optimum convenience features and more.
Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara:
The Maruti Suzuki NEXA Grand Vitara is designed with crafted futurism to help you conquer every road in style and safety. Curated for the refined taste of the NEXA clientele, the car is a combination of both powerful performance, engineered drive, next-gen features and more.

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