taste the flovors from south india

Let's get into some minor details. To cook something for your family, you need vegetables, spices, oils, and other ingredients as well. For now, let's exclude spices and oils and just focus on veggies and a few other "pocket killers"…

Suppose we purchase onions (2lb, $3.50), okra (2lb, $7.00), beans (2lb, $4.00), tomatoes (2lb, $3.50)… …In this case, the total would cost us about $40.00.

Putting expenses aside, you lose some things even more valuable when you cook. You lose your precious time and productivity. Your time spent shopping is 1 hour. Preparation time: 1.5 hours. Cooking may take another 1.5 hours. Now you have dishes. Great. Better add another 1 hour to the equation! Also, think about the unused portions of veggies that end up in the trash. This could be another $5 or so. Adding up your time at a modest $15.00 per hour, your time was worth $75.00.

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