Project Development in Abu Dhabi | Project Development in Dubai, UAE

TC Consultancy works with clients directly and alongside, introducing new opportunities to optimize the time, cost and quality of the projects we collaborate for through our Development Management Services in Dubai, UAE.

With quality checks at all stages, we provide comprehensive services in the ever-evolving UAE & KSA Construction Sector. By working closely with developers, builders, architects, designers and contractors, we take all the pressure away from the client and helps them developing the

Our team of experienced professionals maintains a dynamic and evolving approach by applying best practice, seeking to always maintain optimum performance for the client and the assets. Covering the entire process, from initial concept to handover, including all the steps in between, as well as our tactical and strategic approach to existing developments, is set to achieve the maximum return on investment.

Project development in construction involves a comprehensive process from conception to completion.

Construction Project Development
At TCC; We are following these stages and considerations, hence construction project development can be managed effectively, ensuring successful outcomes and client satisfaction. Below is a guide outlining the key stages and considerations for effective project development in construction:

Project Initiation
Conceptual Design
Project Planning
Regulatory Approvals
Project Execution
Monitoring and Control
Project Closeout
Maintenance and Operation
Project Review and Lessons Learned
Continuous Improvement

Our scope of work includes but not limited to:
Feasibility study
Site selection
Planning and Design
Budgeting and Finance Modeling
Construction Management
Program Management
Risk Management
Sustainability Consideration