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Cold rolling 304-grade stainless steel produces the 1.4301 AISI 304 Cold Rolled Bars. One of the most effective and often used forms of stainless steel is this bar, which has a chemical makeup of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is possible to significantly deep draw this austenitic grade SS.
Shree Viratra, a renowned business firm, engages in providing a wide range of (SS 304 Round Bars) to our local and international clients as a manufacturer, exporter, stockiest, and supplier. Austenitic steel with non-magnetic characteristics, stainless steel 304 round bar is available in annealed form and provides high corrosion resistance to both atmospheric and chemical exposures, along with increased resistance to oxidation.

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The 304 Round Bar offers strong oxidation resistance when used intermittently at temperatures up to 870 °C and when used continuously at temperatures up to 925 °C. If subsequent freshwater corrosion resistance is crucial, it is not advised to utilize stainless steel grade 304 continuously within the temperature range of 425°C and 860°C. The 304 round bar with a low carbon content is known to be less susceptible to carbide precipitation and may be utilized in situations where the bar may be heated to the specified temperature range.
A stainless steel substance with 18% chromium and 8% nickel makes up a ss 304 round bar. Both strength and corrosion resistance are characteristics of the material. Shree Visrata Enterprises is one of the leading ss 304 round bar suppliers and distributors of goods manufactured. Strength is indicated by the material’s minimum yield strength and tensile strength, which are 515 MPa and 205 MPa, respectively. The 304 SS round bar can handle both high pressures and high temperatures. Due to their ability to maintain their characteristics in high-pressure environments,