Is Your Favourite Colored Bedsheets Turning Yellow? Know How To Fix it

Want it or not, your favourite bed sheets are not going to stay the same forever!They might turn yellow, and that's normal!Your body fluids, sweat, skin oil, and various creams & lotions you use can leave some yellow stains on your beloved sheets, and to be honest, you can hardly control it.But But But…all is not lost; we do have some tips and tricks that might help you remove those annoying yellow stains and also prevent your white sheets from turning yellow.Intrigued? Continue reading!Before moving on to the solutions, let's understand the reasons behind them.No matter what the weather might be, we all tend to sweat, even a little! When the moisture leaves your body, it sticks to the sheets and leaves a stain. At night, we also leave dead skin cells and saliva, which can leave a stain.And as mentioned earlier, the creams and lotions you use can also make your sheets yellow. Now let us look at some of the solutions.