India Lighting Market Analysis and Forecast (2021-2027) by Type, and Region.

India Lighting Market was worth US$ 3146 Mn. in 2020 and total revenue is expected to grow at a rate of 7.1 % CAGR from 2021 to 2027, reaching almost US$ 5445 Mn. in 2027.
India Lighting Market Overview:

Being the 2nd most crowded nation & 5th main electricity consumer, India has been seeing wide electricity supply-demand gap. A considerable share of world’s total electricity generation is consumed for illumination by lighting sources & systems alone. The ingesting is endure to rise owing to rise of new zones of applications like Entertainment Lighting, Aqua Tissue Culture, etc. However, the generation of electricity cannot be improved beyond certain restrictions owing to fast depletion of natural resources. It is, therefore, vital that the applications consuming less electricity, & also using natural sources of electricity such as sun, wind essential to be developed.

Novel technologies are being continuously used to recover lighting efficiency & energy saving. Lighting is the only most significant component in the optical environment. Active lighting recovers productivity & supports security. Lighting consumes up to 40 % of the energy used in houses. A well planned lighting system decreases energy, maintenance, & potential liability charges. Both public & private benefits are helped by more effective lighting & reduced operating prices. Rapid developments in lighting systems & equipment proposal potential results, yet they have also made lighting practice more compound. The usage of inefficient light sources & controls, & the extravagant use of lighting results in infesting the environment causing to global warming.