How Topiko Can Boost Your Business

In the modern digital era, it is crucial for businesses to establish a robust online presence. Topiko offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help businesses grow, attract customers, and stay ahead of the competition. Here's how Topiko can transform your business:

Business Listing

Effortlessly list your business with Topiko. Showcase products, services, and promotions in one place with a user-friendly dashboard. Strengthen your online presence and effortlessly increase sales.
Digital Identity
Build your digital identity with Topiko. Get a website and dedicated app space for your business. Our platform includes built-in SEO features for greater visibility. Manage your online presence effortlessly and start creating your unique space online.

Business Share
Maximize your business exposure with Topiko’s seamless sharing feature. Effortlessly share your business on social media with a dedicated link, opening a direct channel for contacts to view your offerings. This boosts your visibility and showcases your business skills to a broader audience.

Customer Engagement
Enhance customer engagement with Topiko’s Business QR feature. Tag customers, track activity, and use data for targeted offers. Simplify setting up a customer care center, fostering lasting relationships and driving growth.

Order Management
Simplify your order management with Topiko. Receive orders directly, provide prompt service, and generate invoices effortlessly. Transform your efficiency and customer experience with streamlined solutions.

Boost visibility with Topiko’s customizable promotions. Set specific areas and time frames for ads, reaching the right audience. Monitor views and engagement for insights. Extend promotions within your network to showcase offerings and increase visibility with strategic insights.

Cost Savings
Every rupee saved is a rupee earned. With Topiko solutions, business owners can significantly reduce costs.