Har ki Dun Trek- Himalaya Shelter

The 500-year-old Har Ki Dun Trek is a mesmerizing excursion that reveals both ancient charm and beautiful beauty. It is located in the Garhwal Himalayas. Starting in the charming village of Sankari, the journey goes through Taluka (along the Supin river) to Osla to Har Ki Dun. Trekkers that follow this road will come see snow-covered glaciers, breathtaking Himalayan peaks, and the fascinating Swargarohini peak. The path winds past historic communities with their distinctively designed wooden homes, customary clothing, and peaceful customs. Notably, a hidden gem is the less well-known Devsu Thatch, a grassy meadow high above the Thamsa River. Along with hamlet accommodations in Gangaad and Datmir, the journey offers a taste of local culture.