Escape In Night Lahore in Pakistan

Introducing Escape In Night by Fragrance Studio, a mesmerizing scent inspired by the magnetic charisma of Hugo Boss Bottled Night. This fragrance epitomizes masculinity and sophistication, enveloping you in an irresistible and enigmatic allure.

As the fragrance unfurls, it commences with a vibrant burst of citrus notes, where the zesty essence of lemon and the crispness of apple converge, instantly stimulating the senses with their dynamic and invigorating aroma. Gradually, the composition evolves, revealing whispers of aromatic lavender and the warmth of spicy cardamom, intricately weaving layers of complexity and depth into the olfactory tapestry. The fusion of these opulent ingredients yields a fragrance that exudes both boldness and refinement, tailored for the contemporary man who effortlessly radiates confidence and charm.