Cuban Tobacco Oud in Pakistan.

Introducing Cuban Tobacco Oud by Fragrance Studio, a captivating scent that embodies the rich and smoky allure reminiscent of Tom Ford's Tobacco Oud. This sophisticated fragrance is a tribute to those who appreciate timeless elegance and refinement, seamlessly blending the intoxicating notes of tobacco and oud.

Fragrance Profile:

Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a bold and aromatic burst of Cuban tobacco, immediately enveloping the senses with its warm and spicy aroma. This initial impression sets a tone of robust masculinity and intrigue.

Heart Notes: As the scent develops, hints of oud wood begin to emerge. The oud adds a touch of earthy richness and depth, enhancing the complexity of the composition.

Base Notes: The harmonious blend of tobacco and oud wood persists, creating a lasting and intoxicating fragrance experience. This luxurious combination exudes sophistication, making Cuban Tobacco Oud a perfect choice for those who seek a refined and captivating scent.

Experience the Essence:

Cuban Tobacco Oud is designed for individuals who value the elegance of classic fragrances while embracing a modern touch of boldness. Its complex layers ensure that the scent evolves beautifully over time, making it suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear.

Indulge in the luxurious and captivating world of Cuban Tobacco Oud by Fragrance Studio – where sophistication meets timeless charm.