CRC the Flagship Sector 140A Noida

The CRC Group is opening CRC the Flagship, a new commercial property in Noida Sector 140A, following the completion of two projects in Haridwar and Greater Noida West. With the tagline "BUSINESS AND BEYOND," the new CRC project on the Noida Expressway will shortly be located in Noida.

CRC The Flagship is a recently opened business project located close to the motorway in Noida's sector 140A. CRC The Flagship provides retail stores and office space in Noida. CRC The Flagship will have premium service apartments, high street retail stores, and modern office spaces.

CRC The Flagship will consist of four towers and retail stores, two of which will be leased to corporations, one of which will have lockable areas, and a fourth tower housing upscale serviced apartments.

The CRC Group Commercial Project, the Fairfox EON (EYE OF NOIDA) on a corner site adjacent to the BHUTANI CYBERTHUM Project, and Sector 140A on the Noida Expressway are all located there.