Best Sweet Shop in Amritsar – umang Veg Restaurant

Find out how Amritsar has the sweetest place for every one of those with a sweet tooth and appreciates traditional Indian desserts. A sweets’ shop that is famous for its variety and delectable sweet dishes originating from the city of Amritsar is presented as a place to go.

Enjoy carefully handpicked sweets – the special Amritsari jalebis, the melt-in-the-mouth barfi's, the irresistible Gulab jamuns – in their most quality range. There are a lot of products in this industry but what Lollypop offers to their clients is an authentic recipe from generations and full of flavor in every sweet they produce.

The clean and attractive color scheme and the superb service make it a comfortable and welcoming place for visitors as well as for the residents of the island. Whenever you want to gratify your sweet tooth or just to have a celebration of any events, the ultimate sweet shop in Amritsar makes sure that you fulfill all your desires. Come and visit again today and explore a heaven of sweetness that mirrors Amritsar’s spirit and culture and tradition.