Balwaan 63cc Earth Auger with 8 Inch Planter| BE-63 (8 Inch)

The Balwaan 63cc Earth Auger with 8 Inch Planter – BE-63 (8 Inch) is used to dig holes in the soil for planting, construction, and other purposes. It is recommended for all types of land, soft, medium, and hard, & continuously can be used for six to eight hours. It is suitable for drilling-type operations on grounds, farms, nurseries, and greenhouses. In agriculture, they are used to drill for banana plantations and vegetable crops. Other uses include Agriculture Institutes, Horticulture Plantations, Highway authorities, Contractors for fencing, soil sampling, etc. It takes less time and effort to dig the soil with this machine. A powerful 63cc 2-stroke petrol engine powers this machine. There are different sizes of planters that can be fitted to this machine in order to dig holes of different depths. A Balwaan earth auger can dig holes as deep as 3-4 feet and as wide as 1 foot and can dig around 70-80 holes/ liter of petrol with 70% human efficiency. For questions or inquiries regarding installation, virtual training, accessories, or spare parts, please contact 0141-672-7778.TRAINING IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED BEFORE USING EQUIPMENT.