B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (AI&ML) Colleges in Coimbatore

As of my last update, PPG Institute of Technology (PPGIT) in Coimbatore is a prominent institution offering Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) programs. While they may not have a specific specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML) explicitly mentioned, it's worth reaching out to the institution directly or checking their latest curriculum updates.
PPGIT is known for its quality education and modern facilities, and many colleges have been expanding their offerings to include emerging fields like AI&ML due to increasing demand and relevance in today's technology landscape.
You can inquire with PPGIT about their curriculum and any specific tracks or elective courses they offer related to AI&ML within their Computer Science and Engineering program. Additionally, they might have collaborations with industry partners or research initiatives in these areas that you can explore during your studies.