Abdominal Rectus Divarication, Common Post-Pregnancy Problem

Pregnancy is the most frequent cause in women. This disease can also appear in the upper abdomen of heavier males or in obese people. Despite the fact that many patients have the illness, the effectiveness of physiotherapy is not very useful and thus surgery remains the mainstay of treatment.

 What are the signs and symptoms?
The signs and symptoms include abdominal pain and discomfort, musculoskeletal and urogynaecology issues, negative body image, and reduced quality of life.
There may be an associated hernia with this condition. Hernias usually associated are epigastric or umbilical hernias.
Umbilical or epigastric hernias, discomfort when touching the abdominal wall, unsteadiness on one’s feet, and a sense of losing one’s functional “core” can all be connected with divarication of recti.
Some patients who have severe rectus divarication experience back pain, which may be caused by this loss of core stability.
Even in people who are extremely thin, pregnancy-induced rectus divarication can significantly alter the contour of the abdominal wall.
Males’ rectus divarication differs from that of females, manifesting as a midline protrusion between the xiphoid and the umbilicus.

This review’s objective was to provide a summary of available therapies for abdominal rectus diastasis alone or with hernia

Treatment Options available for Divarication of Recti

 Patients who suffer from Divarication of Recti or associated hernias will benefit from a repair in the form of a surgery. Surgery seeks to reinforce the abdominal wall and restore a healthy anatomy. The midline defect is closed and strengthened as the rectus abdominis muscles are brought together during surgery. During this treatment, hernias are also fixed. Surgical mesh is employed in the restoration process in all the cases. At times some form of physiotherapy is advised before surgery as a treatment option. Physiotherapy has proved to be not a definitive treatment for Divarication of the Recti; however it helps